Sunday, February 1, 2009


Our last event in Miami was a success, seems like we get a better and better attendance every time which means that we are in the right track (feel free to see pictures in the Past Events page). After being out of the loop for over 1 year, it took some time to get the attention of our old members, new members and other guests; it's just a matter of being consistent (I guess like everything else in life).
We have received a few great proposals to host our events in other places, and although Segafredo Cafes are just the perfect venues for us but we might want to offer different options from time to time. If you have attended any of our Miami events perhaps you can give us your feedback on this... same venue each time? different venues each time? alternate venues?

It is time to explore Beth's home city now, even though she travels back and forth to/from Miami, but New York is her primary residence, and we have been talking about it for some time. To find a venue is not a problem as there are plenty of options, we are focused on finding the right partner to offer regular social events to our New York members and other guests, the same or similar concept of our events in Miami: cool ambiance, good music, great networking attitude.

In the past we have also partnered up with private events and we are looking forward to doing the same in the future to offer our members more and creative ways to network and socialize.

I hope that January was a fantastic month for all of you, is up to us to make sure that the rest of the year is the best it can be. See you at the PBN forum!


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